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Pagero gives Greencarrier greater competitive advantage

Jörgen Svanström, Business Controller at Greencarrier Liner Agency, which acts as an agent for one of the world’s largest shipping companies, talks about the successful cooperation with Pagero and the reason behind Greencarrier’s implementation of Pagero’s e-invoicing services in both Finland and Sweden. Watch the film or read the interview below.

At the forefront of development

“We are extremely satisfied with Pagero. Our experience is that Pagero has delivered exactly what we were expecting in terms of scalability. They move with us when we want to develop. Pagero is by our side, providing us with a highly personalised experience. They are also at the forefront of technological development and want to educate their customers.”

“One major advantage with Pagero is that both Greencarrier and Pagero are international companies, which means that we can grow together. We have rolled out our electronic invoice processing system together with Pagero. Another key advantage is that Pagero offers a wide range of services that will cover our needs for many years to come, as and when we are ready to use them. Moreover, Pagero is present in those countries where we consider it important to have representation. This means that although we are an international organisation, we have local representatives in place who are often able to solve any local issues that arise. This is extremely useful, especially when there are technical issues to resolve.”

“We are extremely satisfied with Pagero. Our experience is that Pagero has delivered exactly what we were expecting in terms of scalability.”

Validation and enrichment

“With the help of Pagero’s validation and enrichment services, we are now able to request that our suppliers add references to the invoices. We use these references to determine where their invoices should be placed in our flows, for both attestations and account codes, but most importantly to prevent incorrect invoices at a much earlier stage than in the past. We actually don’t have to deal with incorrect invoices any longer, as they bounce back from Pagero to the supplier.”

“When it comes to enrichment, we are restricted by our business system as to what information we can get out. There is also a range of requirements and standards in different countries that we have to meet. Pagero and their enrichment service have helped us tremendously in ensuring that our invoices include all the information that is required for each country.”

“Pagero Online provides a flow that is very easy to follow. It is simple to see where the invoice has been at different stages of the process.”

Clear overview with Pagero Online

“I think one of the main changes that takes place when you digitise this kind of information is that the quality of the flows is assured in a completely different way. You are able to troubleshoot, but also to assess the flows in a different way. One example is that I can sit in my office and view the invoice as a picture on the screen. That in itself is revolutionary when you think about it, compared to having the invoice stored away somewhere else in a binder. Pagero Online provides a flow that is very easy to follow. It is simple to see where the invoice has been at different stages of the process.

E-invoicing in the future

“As new EU directives, requirements and standards are being introduced by the public sector in the respective countries and regions, electronic invoice processing will become increasingly common. Eventually it will become the norm, although the requirements for invoices will continue to vary from country to country and there will still be requirements for different types of invoices. For that reason, I believe that Pagero will be an excellent partner. It would be hard for us to keep up with the different requirements without their help, especially as we have centralised functions. Pagero will therefore be able to help us keep updated on and compliant with the laws and regulations of each country.”

“If we are going to be competitive in the future and maintain a high level of efficiency, we have to take these steps. We also need a partner with a modern and forward-thinking approach, which I believe Pagero has.”

About Greencarrier Liner Agency

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