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Pagero helped ABB optimise invoice handling

Raised efficiency and time-savings

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies, and one of the largest conglomerates in the world. ABB Spain have been using Pagero’s services since 2011 to send and receive e-invoices, which has helped them optimize their invoice handling.

Some advantages have been to raise efficiency and save time, decrease environmental impact and lower costs. With Pagero’s services, ABB are also able to send e-invoices to the Spanish Public Administration, which was made mandatory in January 2015. “We started the project with Pagero in 2011, because we wanted to have an optimal system for receiving invoices – given that the tax authorities in Spain allowed electronic invoices,” says Ms. Ana Jiménez, Head of internal control processes, ABB S.A.

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Globally approved service provider

ABB has a strict policy when choosing services or providers that are to be used within the group. “The ABB group has a list of providers that they have approved at a global level. When we wanted to start with e-invoicing in Spain – we were the pioneers within the group, practically speaking – ABB notified us that Pagero was globally approved by the company and could provide these services to us. We had been issuing electronic invoices within the company group since 2010, but not through any third parties. We considered all of our options, but we had a good dialogue with Pagero and decided that they had the best solution for us.”

“Electronic invoicing is secure, accurate and simple and has really helped us optimize invoice handling.”

Easily installed, easily adapted

“One of the main advantages with Pagero, and part of what ABB based their global decision on, was that Pagero did not require any wide deployments within the company, because their services are all cloud-based and easily installed. I believe it was a very good choice, because Pagero adapted easily and offered quick quality solutions with results straight away.”

Electronic invoices loaded every 20 minutes

“In Spain, our organization’s invoices totals around 600 million euros in value. We have 2.000 employees and invoices are processed through one single channel. Electronic invoices suit us very well, given that there is a direct input of invoices that enter our system and they are loaded every day – in fact, electronic invoices are loaded into the system every 20 minutes – and they do not have to be handled by a person. It is very successful.”

“We save a lot of time for each electronic invoice we send and receive through Pagero. The invoices are in our system instantly and there are never any incidents.”

Major improvements in efficiency

“At the moment, we have a third-party electronic invoice volume of 45 – 50% in ABB Spain. Our goal is to get to 100% by 2017. Electronic invoicing is secure, accurate and simple and has really helped us optimize invoice handling. Within the group, we have 80% of invoices in electronic format as well. We have seen a major improvement in efficiency; whenever a supplier sends us an e-invoice, we know that the invoice will always arrive in the same way.”

Saving time with every e-invoice

“On top of that and thanks to Pagero, we have managed to get them to fill in the fields that are relevant to us, so that our system is as optimized as possible. We receive an electronic invoice as soon as it is sent from the supplier. With paper invoices, this is not the case, since the invoices are sent to a center for scanning and optical recognition. This means that we save quite a lot of time for each electronic invoice we send and receive through Pagero Online. The invoices are in our system instantly and there are never any incidents. They can then be processed much quicker which are all great advantages,” Ms. Jiménez explains.

“Pagero have been excellent and they are always willing and eager to help answer our questions.”

Legal requirements help push e-invoicing forward

“The climate for electronic invoicing is Spain is also pushing the development forward and the movement of electronic invoicing is expected to increase in the coming years because, really, it is all a question of trends: and with this initiative from state and government agencies, anyone who invoices a government agency has to issue an electronic invoice. I think that, in the end, one thing will lead to another where everyone will stop issuing paper invoices and only send electronic invoices. Not only to governmental agencies but to all of their other suppliers too.”

Well supported at all times

“As for our relationship with Pagero, it is in my opinion a very smooth and good relationship. Promises are being kept; we get a lot of support from Pagero whenever we need it; we get regular calls to deal with any issues regarding our suppliers in ongoing activation projects, and what’s more, we also have face-to-face meetings where Pagero come to visit us. Pagero have been excellent and they are always willing and eager to help answer our questions. We feel well supported at all times and I have no complaints,” says Ms. Jiménez.

About ABB

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport- and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 135,000 people. ABB’s headquarters are situated in Zurich, Switzerland.

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