HPE experience extensive time savings by using Pagero in 23 countries

Implementing Pagero’s services has, for HPE, contributed to extensive time savings, a strong increase in cash flow and has helped HPE gain high flexibility in a diverse market. In today’s strict and complex environment of legal requirements varying from country to country, HPE has been able to fulfil every legal and tax requirement encountered through Pagero’s services and expertise.

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Increase in e-invoice transactions in the past three years.
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Increase in customer projects in the past year.
Current invoice turnaround, reduced from seven days or more.

All legal and tax requirements fulfilled

“We are currently active in 23 EMEA countries, with another 5 onboarding in the next few months. With the help of Pagero, we have been able to fulfil every tax and legal requirement in every country. The bandwidth is huge between highly standardized and easy procedure countries like Finland and Sweden, down to very complex countries like Italy or Spain. Especially in terms of Government projects, the requirements are very challenging except for where there exists a PEPPOL environment like in Austria or Norway,” says Mr. Thomas Bonwetsch, Program Manager, EMEA eInvoicing Program Direct Accounts, HPE.

“The environmental aspect of e-invoicing is also extremely important to HPE and we even have an own organization devoted to reducing our environmental impact in any way we that we can,” Mr. Bonwetsch says.


Increasing e-invoice ratio and time savings – from 7 days to a few hours

“With Pagero, HPE has eliminated the risk of invoice errors, as wrongly entered field information in invoices lead to rejected or stopped invoices that we can edit straight away. Overall, the invoice turnaround has been reduced – within a couple of hours (depending of course on customer flow), we know if an invoice has been successfully submitted or rejected. In the paper world, this process would take 7 days or more in comparison,” Mr. Bonwetsch explains.

“Within one year, the number of customer requests and projects we are dealing with has increased significantly. In the past 12 months, the number of customer projects has increased by 250%. A high and steady increasing number of customers are receiving electronic invoices throughout EMEA, and in the last 3 years, HPE’s number of electronic invoice transactions has increased by more than 500%. This definitely shows the growing importance of e-invoicing and the impact that Pagero’s services have had to our company.”

What is so special about Pagero?

“Pagero was and is the only provider with very high bandwidth and high flexibility. Pagero has proven themselves since the very beginning as an open-minded company with highly competent and knowledgeable staff. Our intensive interaction and their highly service-minded approach far exceed any other providers we know. Whenever we thought it impossible to move forward, Pagero came up with a solution!” Mr. Bonwetsch says.

(To read the complete HPE customer case, download PDF.)